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Hi, I'm s3lph!

About me

I can usually be found on the bicycle in and around Basel, at Chaos Computer Club Basel or at CCC events.

I'm doing IT systems engineering for a living, working with Linux and open source technologies.

About this blog

In this blog I'm collecting all those small hacks I come up with when I want to solve some smaller problems, like "have X talk to Y".

Even though German is my native language, I'll be writing most articles in English. I may sometimes translate one or the other blogposts into German, if I want to or think it's necessary, e.g. because of a specific target audience.

You can subscribe to the blog articles via an Atom or RSS feed.

This blog also provides an EXPERIMENTAL ActivityPub endpoint at @s3lph@s3lph.me. Since this blog is a statically generated, this endpoint is readonly, i.e. following is not possible. However, you can boost or respond to blogposts via the Fediverse, and if you mention @s3lph@chaos.social, I will even notice!


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